Parent Arrested at School Board Meeting Speaks Out

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - Larry Dailey spent several hours in the Washoe County Jail overnight on trespassing charges. News 4 was there as Dailey was handcuffed and whisked away from the school board meeting Tuesday night.

Dailey was not allowed on the property because of a tresspass warning he received in February when he says he showed up and asked to speak with a school district representative. To this day Dailey says he has no idea why he received that first warning .

"I said why are you issuing this trespass order? And they said we don't know, talk to legal. I said wait, if I get a speeding ticket are you going to tell me you don't know why you're writing it?" Dailey said.

So we went to the Washoe County School Police Department to find out why Dailey received a trespass warning back in February. The secretary told us all of the officers were in training and no one was available to answer the question. The school district later told us "The trespass warning was issued because of significant and repeated threats made by Dailey against school district staff," and that "Staff members have requested escorts to their cars because of concerns for their own safety."

Dailey admits he has lost his temper in the past but he says he has never threatened anyone. He says the school district has broken laws and is now stonewalling him over his daughter's special education curriculum. The situation has prompted the U.S. Department of Education to conduct it's own evalutation, which is ongoing. Dailey says the situation culminated Tuesday night with his arrest. But he says he won't give up.

"Don't break the law with my kid. We're asking for competence," Dailey told News 4.

We asked for copies of any police reports relating to alleged threats Larry Dailey has made against school distict staff. The district tells News 4 there are no police reports on past incidents. We have asked for documenation of any type on these past incidents, and are now waiting for those docuements. The district does point out they have assigned a special outside counsel to work with the Dailey family to address their needs. As for the arrest, Larry Dailey is due in court on July 12th on the trespassing charge.