Only on 4: Mother and fiance of woman killed in random act of violence shares story

CARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) - "You could be having the worst day ever and she'd walk in and go, 'Hey Mom!' All of a sudden the worries would go away. She was love," said Wrenetta Nadon. Nadon's daughter Desiree Bragg, was only 19 years old when her life was taken away from her.

"She would be 20 years old in April," said Nadon. Desiree was a Carson High graduate. She had a full life ahead of her. Nadon says she had intended to work for a salon and maybe open her own one day. "She knew what she wanted and who she wanted to spend her life with," she said.

Steven Castro, 19 was Desiree's fiance. "Basically been together since we were 12 years old," said Castro. He told the story of how he proposed to Desiree almost one year ago on Valentines Day. "I bought a big card and attached a bunch of little cards on the inside. They were numbered to which one she could open first. In the last one was the ring," said Castro.

"I loved her so much, and she loved me." Together they have a five month old baby boy. "She was the best mom that I have ever seen. She loved our son so much," Steven said choking back tears.

He took a deep breath and told the story of the tragic night. "She was picking me up from my dads house. We noticed someone behind us, tailgaiting us." Steven says they made it all the way to Wrenetta's house. "He followed us. I got out of the car and walked over to Desiree's side. He started backing out and I thought he was leaving. We got to the grass and he punched the accelorator. I tried to push Des out of the way but he swirved and hit her," said Steven.

According to Steven a stranger, someone that has no apparent connection to this family, had pinned Desiree between his van and the house.

"I heard horns honking when she came back. I knew something was wrong," said Wrenetta. "I ran outside and saw her laying there. I told her not to worry we're going to take care of you. I just sat next to her and held her hand," said Wrenetta.

The family said goodbye to Desiree only a week ago when they took her off life support. Still, Wrenetta is talking about forgiving the man who took her little girl. "Gods word teaches us that to hate only hurts us and to be forgiving. Forgiveness, thats what I'm striving for," she said.

A memorial is being held Saturday at Capital Christian Center in Carson City at 2:00pm. It is an open service and the public is welcome to attend. A fund has been set up for Desiree through the Greater Nevada Credit Union. Any branch will allow donations to be made to the Desiree Bragg fund, account number 926595.