On Your Side: Entertainer latest alleged victim of illegal botox shots

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - Elisa Furr is a regular performer on the Las Vegas Strip. She sings, dances and impersonates some big name acts, like Celine Dion. But it all came to a halt temporarily last month after a series of botox injections that she says went bad. "I started having problems about 9 days after I got the botox injection," Furr told News 4.

Suddenly she was experiencing symptoms including a droopy eye and severe blisters. She even had trouble walking. Performing on stage was out of the question. Her doctor told News 4 he's certain it was the botox shots that caused it.

"I was despondent, I felt like I was dying" she told us in an interview from Las Vegas. Elisa filed a police report after she learned the woman who gave her the injections, Sandra Bledsoe, is already under investigation by police in Reno and Las Vegas for practicing medicine without a license.

News 4 even went undercover earlier this year and and met with Sandra Bledsoe at her home in south Reno where she offered to give our producer a botox injection. Even though Sandra admitted it wasn't legal. Here's what she told our undercover producer that day: "I'm doing it at my house. That's not legal. I don't have a business license, you know what i'm saying?"

The question is will anyone enforce this law?

In May we asked Reno Police Sergeant Alan Salter if there's any doubt that what Sandra is doing is illegal? "No, there's not," Salter told us. Reno Police launched their own investigation after our report first aired in May. That investigation has stalled because police tell News 4 they need more victims to come forward.

And more than two years after Sandra's arrest in Las Vegas for practicing medicine without a license, Metro Police and the Clark County District Attorney continue to blame each other and heavy caseloads when asked why no charges have been filed in that case.

There has been one development since our last report. The Nevada State Nursing Board also launched an investigation at that time. It turns out a nurse practitioner linked to Sandra Bledsoe admitted she stole botox from her employer. Her name is Patricia Busch, and the nursing board has notified News 4 that Bush voluntarily surrendered her nursing license in the wake of that investigation.

For Elisa Furr, meantime, the road to recovery has been a painful one. But she's getting there. Now she's hoping her complaint will prompt police to take action, before someone else gets hurt. "I understand that licensed professionals make mistakes. But when you're unlicensed and you do it over and over again because you don't know what you're doing, that's a whole different ballgame," Elisa said.

Furr just filed her complaint with Metro Police last week. Once it's processed it will be handed over to a detective to be investigated.

But as for that original complaint against Sandra Bledsoe in Las Vegas, after more than two years, News 4 has learned police plan to submit their report to the district attorney by this Friday, November 22, 2013 for possible charges.

News 4 did reach out to Sandra Bledsoe for comment today. As with our previous stories, she did not respond.