On Your Side: School District silent on showing "Bully" movie before shooting

UPDATE: The Washoe County School District tells News 4 they will not comment on the documentary because the film has now become part of the investigation into the shooting.

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - We are hearing from parents tonight who are questioning why students at Sparks Middle School were shown an anti-bullying video that involved a student pulling a gun on other students. We have had students and parents suggest to us this video could have in-part inspired the shooting.

News 4 has learned through our own sources the movie in question is the documentary "Bully". In one part it shows a real life situation of a girl who's been bullied pulling out a gun and threatening other students on a bus; that part of the movie is shown as an example of what not to do.

This movie was shown to students at Sparks Middle School on the last day of classes before the shooting occurred. Late Tuesday, News 4 asked Washoe County School District officials about the video and they told us they weren't familiar with it, but would check into it. News 4 called the communications office a number of times Wednesday and also e-mailed them. We have not received any response on this matter.

Today we obtained a copy of a consent form which was sent home to parents at Sparks Middle School asking if they want their child to see the movie "Bully."

The form is an "opt-out" form, meaning that the middle school students would see this PG-13 movie unless the form was returned. The shooter was only 12-years-old and fellow classmates tell News 4 he watched the movie.

The movie received the PG-13 rating because of, "intense thematic material, disturbing content, and some strong language - all involving kids".

Again the Washoe County School District is not commenting on this video and won't even acknowledge it to News 4, even though the school sent out a consent form. We'll keep following up and wait for an explanation from the school district, when we get it we'll pass it on to you.