New upgrades to Alert ID

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - The free crime prevention system that started in our own backyard a little more than a year ago is going national.

"We started in Nevada. We now have over 60,000 members in Nevada alone. We're now in Idaho, California, and we'll be in 10 western states by June," says Alert ID founder, Keli Wilson.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago, they were in Washington, D.C. to meet with Janet Napolitano about how Alert ID can help with national security.

Alert ID also just released an enhancement to the free online system this week. It's something they call community watch pictures, where you can literally upload a picture of something suspicious in your neighborhood just by clicking on this camera icon.

"Not only a photo, but it's geo-coded so law enforcement will know the exact coordinates of where this event happened. You can even find out what direction the camera was pointed, north, east, south, west," says Wilson.

Another new feature just released this week is an upgrade to the virtual neighborhood. It allows you to receive alerts and advisories from more than one location. You can now monitor as many as 5 different addresses.

"They can look at what's going on around their work, their child's school, their parent's home, or wherever they spend time and want to monitor the area," says Wilson.

It's a tool that's bringing communities together.

"We are a tool, an instant tool for neighborhood watch. We've been called neighborhood watch on steroids," says Wilson.

And saving lives, such as when Alert ID sent out instant email and text alerts to those in the path of the Washoe Drive Fire.

"We were able to reach them very successfully when other resources failed such as an automated emergency phone notification because in our country now, 32 percent of people only have cell phones and not landlines," says Wilson.

And the more people who sign up for this free service, the more affective it will be at stopping and preventing crime.