Job of the Day: 1/4

Inside Sales Representative
About us:

DIPACO is a worldwide distributor of diesel fuel injection parts. We are 100% employee owned and have been in business since 1948. Our clients range from small local businesses to some of the best-known diesel parts suppliers.
Based in Reno, DIPACO offers a relaxed working environment with competitive compensation and benefits, including medical, 401(k), and company stock ownership.

About the Position:

DIPACO has a clear vision for growth. We believe the impossible is POSSIBLE and we are always striving for better. We want an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) to help fuel this ambitious passion and growth. You will work to identify and convert new customers, grow existing accounts, and achieve sales goals. We like to win and we are adding to our team!

ISR Primary Focus:

Your primary responsibility is the sales of DIPACO products to existing and new customers.
You will work with and through others, building and maintaining relationships. You need to be an effective communicator, able to stimulate and motivate prospects and customers by being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. There will be many different people to meet and work with. You must be friendly, genuinely interested, and able to balance the needs of customers, prospects, and DIPACO. You have a persuasive, teaching style of communication, and are able to effectively communicate DIPACO's policies, programs and systems. A faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detail work is a major focus of the job and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly and efficiently. The ISR will often focus on relationship with others; correct handling of details dealing with others is necessary to maintain and grow relationships. All follow up should be done carefully, closely and cheerfully as to ensure both correct work and maintenance of the relationship(s). Necessary corrections must be made in a constructive, supportive manner. As time is typically a factor, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. This is a position where guidelines, structure and established policies must be followed fairly closely while working with and for others.

Characteristics of Position:

There is a need for persuasive "selling" (rather than "telling") communication style
Each day different from the next; especially in personal interactions
Fast-paced environment
Multiple projects going simultaneously
Very socially focused; required "how can I help you?" attitude
High emphasis and attention spent on building and maintaining relationships, especially where
helping, not pressuring others fosters the relationship

Adherence to established guidelines and procedures is important
Important to involve others in the decision-making; there is a need to build consensus rather
than make decisions alone

Open, flowing communication is important
Position requires working with and through others, especially in a helping role
Team environment: must be willing to jump in and roll up his/her sleeves to help out when

Must lead by example, with first-hand knowledge of area of expertise
Strong, friendly follow-up necessary on tasks delegated to ensure proper results
Duties and Responsibilities:

Generate new and repeat sales by providing product and technical information in a timely manner
Ability to communicate effectively for up to 8 hours per day on the telephone, with a large assortment of people
Determine customer needs and expectations in order to recommend specific products and solutions.
Recommend products to "help grow their business" based on cost, availability, need, profitability or specifications
Present price, policy and procedure in accordance with company policy
Accurately and efficiently process customer requests or inquiries for orders, information, quotes, etc.
Increase sales per transaction by cross-selling, up-selling or add-on sales as well as promotional sale items
Educate customers on new products, services or benefits available to them
Setup and maintain customer files
Maintain proficiency in using personal computer and other common office equipment and software
Communicate to the purchasing department unexpected increases or decreases in demand for products
Identify trends in customer and territory purchases
Identify trends in customer and territory satisfaction or dissatisfaction
Fill requests for catalogs, information or samples
Follow company policies and procedures
Align working hours with that of specified customer territory
Effectively manage time
Meet personal and company goals
Limited travel as necessary for meetings or trainings
Perform other duties as assigned
You will report directly to the Sales Manager. You will earn a base salary plus growing commissions based on results and limited only by your ability.

About You:

You are a sharp and articulate person who is 100% comfortable spending most of their day talking on the phone with customers and prospects. You will need to be a sponge, soaking up knowledge and information on a daily basis. You must be willing to ask questions, seek answers and be proactive in
resolving issues at hand. While our office provides a relaxed environment, you will be high paced and active through the day.

To be effective you must be able to communicate efficiently and persuasively with a large assortment of personalities throughout each day. Your verbal and written communication skills must be top- notch. It is important that you can handle rejection and not take it personally. Instead, you are able to identify the issues and consider it as a "not now" rather than a "no" and focus your energy on "getting to yes".

You like to win. A lot. You are confident, careful and articulate with your words, providing a learning experience for those you are talking with, but are also able to think on your feet. You love talking on the phone and are diligent about doing so. You are dynamic. You are dependable. You are thorough. And in case we forgot, you like to win!

Skills and Experience:

Two (2) years inside sales experience required
Experience with CRM products is a plus, willingness to learn is required Organization and time management skills, with an ability to cope with fluctuating workload and circumstances
Ability to adapt quickly to new and varied tasks
Analytical skills
Word and Excel proficiency is required
Basic computer skills and knowledge is required
Proficiency with social networking sites is a plus

What's Next?:

If this sounds like you, please email your cover letter and resume along with any testimonials, references, or other indications of exceptional past experience. NO RECRUITERS OR FORM COVER LETTERS, PLEASE.

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