How is the family of the Sparks Middle School Shooter coping with their loss and guilt?

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - On Monday October 21st a 12 year-old brought a gun to Sparks Middle School, he shot three and then himself. There are still many unanswered questions about the incident in an interview with the parents we tried to answer some of them. How is the family of the Sparks Middle School Shooter coping with their loss and guilt?

The parents of the student who opened fire at Sparks Middle School two weeks ago say their son was a sweet boy who enjoyed music, did well in school and did not have any enemies that they knew of.

Jose Reyes Senior told News 4, "He never mentioned that he had a problem with any student or teacher."

Jose and Liliana Reyes met with News 4 to show the many awards and certificates their son earned while attending Agnes Risley Elementary School and then this year at Sparks Middle School.

Jose and Liliana say their son was the target of some teasing at school because of a speech impediment. His father says his son was hurt and embarrassed because some of other kids called him gay, but they say they never had any idea that Jose had so much anger brewing inside.

Ever since the shootings last month that claimed the life of a teacher, Michael Landsberry and wounded two other students before their son took his own life, they have asked themselves - why. There are no clear answers.

"Those are the questions we ask every day," said Jose. "What happened? Or if we should have saw something. But he never showed us any sign."

Jose and Liliana say they are trying to cope, taking one day at a time. They have two daughters, ages seven and eight who also miss their brother. One even wrote a note to him after the shootings saying, "Dear Jose, I still wish you were here with me."

Jose senior added "Sometimes [or daughters] just cry and say things that will break us. We don't want nothing for Christmas. We just want him to be here with us. So those are the things that as a father those things break you."