Government Shutdown Impacts Local Small Business

Sandra James is the founder and CEO of a small company called "" Her company provides a service that lenders use as part of the process in obtaining a mortgage or small business loan. James explains, "We provide the borrower's IRS tax returns to our customers. We have automated the process online, for ease of ordering and receiving the information on a secure website."

She recently moved the tax transcript company from California to Reno. She said, "The reason I decided to move here is because California is a very expensive state to do business in and we are growing."

Her business is growing to the point that she hopes to expand the handful of Reno employees to 40 by the end of next year. She said, "We have a full day of interviews scheduled for tomorrow and we can't make a hiring decision because the government is shutdown and we don't know how long it is going to be that way."

Her business relies on the information obtained through the IRS and Social Security Administration. Both are shutdown. She said, "If this continues or prolongs for several weeks, I'll have to lay people off so the repercussion of it is I cannot afford to pay people for a service that I can't bill my customers for."

She has a message for Washington adding, "I would say we need to move past this and we need to do it quickly."