Ask Joe: When Will Verdi Post Office Re-open ?

Pam McNeil wrote in to say she noticed the plywood is gone from the windows and the barricades are gone at the Verdi Post Office.
She wants to know if there's any word on when the post office will be back open ?

The Verdi Post Office was damaged in an arson fire last Christmas Day. The suspect in the case also shot at several buildings including the Sparks Police Department.
I checked with David Rupert , the spokesman for the Postal Service here in Reno. He says they are getting close but unfortunately they will not be able to have the post office open until after the new year.
Right now they are working on getting the new P.O. boxes installed and getting the final inspections done.
The Postal Service does have certificate of occupancy, but unfortunately they still have a little more work to do before its ready to open. It sounds like it should be shortly after the New Year.