Ask Joe: What Happened to "MillionAir" ?

Al Knepper wrote in asking what happened to the plans to build a 20 million dollar hangar for a new FBO or flight based operator at the Reno-Tahoe Airport ?

The company that was going to build that facility defaulted on their lease payments and they were evicted by the airport before they could even get started on that project.
Heidi Jared with the Airport Authority told me the company, Millionair, had big plans to build that facility at the corner of Rock and Mill Streets but those plans did not materialize. The company, which is based out of Houston, is still in business but ran into financial problems with the project here. Millionair left town near the end of last year.
Heidi Jared says there is another Flight Based Operators on site, Atlantic Aviation, and Atlantic just anounced it is launching an eight million dollar expansion which will get underway this spring, so they are doing their best to make sure privately owned planes have all the support systems in place at the airport.