Ask Joe: Southeast Connector Permits Approved ?

News 4 viewer Bea wrote in asking why the Regional Transportation Commission broke ground on the Southeast Connector Project if the Army Corps of Engineers has not issued all permits for the project ?

Bea, The RTC did break ground on the first phase of the project, that includes a bridge crossing the Truckee River in Sparks. When its all done the Southeast Connector will run 5 and half miles from Greg Sreet in Sparks all the way down to Veterans Parkway in South Reno.
So the bridge work is underway. Again, this is phase one. All of the permits were approved for this phase of the project. But according to Michael Moreno at RTC they have not received the permits to begin phase two, which will run from the bridge on down to Veterans Parkway.
Moreno says that part of the project is not scheduled to get started until April of 2014. So they still have plenty of time to get those permits.
Are there any concerns they could spend all this money on phase one and then not be able to get the permits for phase two ? Moreno told me they do not foresee that happening. He says this is their standard operating procedure, to get the permits for the section they're working on, then tackle the next phase, including permits after that.