Ask Joe: New Artwork in Reno

Bill Nickerson wrote in saying he couldn't help but notice the huge red monstrosity that has just been put up at the corner of South Virginia and South Mccarran Boulevard. He wants to know who authorized it and how much it cost?

I noticed that artwork for the first time myself on my way to work today... It's called the Reno Star. It is part of the new Meadowood Interchange project but NDOT and RTC told me it was put up by the city of Reno.

The city says a local artist from Burning Man created the piece. It's designed to pay homage to the vast expanse of stars in our night sky. The red color symbolizes our beautiful sunsets in Northern Nevada. The city was able to get private donations to pay for most of it the project. Room tax money paid for about a third of the cost. I wasn't able to find out from the city just how much that amounts to.

It definitely gets your attention. The city says the star is a significant addition to Reno's art collection and will help attract more visitors and tourism dollars to our community.