Ask Joe: How do I know my absentee vote was counted ?

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - Ben Harris wrote in asking how does he know for sure that his absentee ballot was actually counted?

I talked with Luanne Carter, the senior deputy registrar for Washoe County.

Carter says you can go to the Washoe County Registrar's website, find your name and confirm that your ballot was received.

In all the County received 20,451 absentee ballots. They counted all but eight. Those eight were ballots which could not be counted because the voters names were on them. Apparently you are not allowed to sign the actual absentee ballot itself.

But in short, they are able to count almost all of the absentee ballots. And again you can make sure yours was received by going on-line and checking with the registrar's office.