Ask Joe: Has Power Line Project Been Delayed ?

A News 4 viewer who didn't want to be identified asked if the Eastern Nevada transmission line power project is still on schedule ?

I checked with Faye Anderson over at NV Energy about this. She says the "One Nevada Transmission Line" as its called, has been delayed.
Back in March the company announced the in-service date had been pushed back until late 2013.
The problem -- some of the towers they put up for the project couldn't handle the winds out in Eastern Nevada.
The damage was so bad NV Energy has had to go back to the drawing board to come up with a better design that can withstand severe weather conditions.
The One Nevada project is a 235 mile long power grid connecting Ely and Las Vegas. The idea is to be able to supply more parts of the state with renewable energy. But again, because of the design delay it will be at least another before its complete.