Ask Joe: Is Assemblyman Brooks Still Getting Paid ?

Bill in Reno wrote in asking if Assemblyman Steven Brooks still gets paid even though he's been banned from the Assembly, and if he is convicted, Bill wants to know if he can still collect his retirement ?

I checked with Rick Coombs at the Legislative Counsel Bureau in Carson City.
The answer is yes. Steven Brooks is still collecting his full salary. The going rate for Nevada lawmakers is $139 day for each day of the 60 day session. That's about $8,300 altogether.
They also get $150 a day per diem to spend on food, travel and hotel rooms. And Brooks still gets his per diem.
As far as retirement goes, Brooks is part of the PERS system. That is Public Employee Retirement, to which he contributes about half and the other half is money the state puts in. Rick coombs says there's nothing he's aware of that would prohibit someone from collecting their PERS retirmement money because of a felony conviction.
Brooks has been banned from the Assembly. He has filed a motion with the Nevada Supreme Court to get that ban overturned. He is also facing several felony charges in connection with a domestic dispute. And the Attorney General's office is still deciding whether to file charges after he was accused of threatening a fellow lawmaker.