Ask Joe : Freeway potholes

Curtis Fluge wrote in asking why there are so many potholes on the section of I-580 in Reno between Mill Street and the Spaghetti Bowl. He wants to know if that section of the freeway is going to be fixed any time soon ?

I checked with NDOT Spokesman Scott Magruder and he says they are well aware that stretch of road needs improvements.
Magruder says this project is next on their list but they have to wait until they get the funding approved. It will be about a 60 million dollar project. It is concrete on that stretch so they'll have to tear it out and rebuild it. That will be from Moana to Glendale.
That's likely to happen sometime in the next two years Magruder says. He says it will be the next major contract awarded for Washoe County.
In the meantime they will continue to patch up the potholes and do their best to keep it driveable.