Alleged animal torturer has first court hearing

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- The man accused of torturing, maiming and killed several dogs had his bail hearing in Reno Justice Court on Tuesday.

Jason Brown is expected to pay his $70,000 bail in the coming days out of a trust fund. But it is his past that was the focus of much of the hearing.

According to detectives, Brown had been arrested for Driving Under the Influence, prior to his arrest for alleged Animal Cruelty on July 9. Brown was in rehab, and his parents said he was there for alcohol abuse. However, Brown claims it was for anger issues.

During his bizarre court appearance, Brown said that the DUI was not his fault, because it was his job to be around alcohol as a bartender. "My Driving Under the Influence was because of my employment. I was a bartender at the time."

He also claimed he was brought to rehab against his will. "I was brought there without my knowledge. I left before, because I kind of just woke up there and told them the story."

Brown's next hearing is scheduled for Monday. An animal rights group is expected to protest outside the Reno Justice Court.